Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuli on irti! / Fire!

In 2010 the Finnish Science Centre Heureka commissioned Tuhru to make animations for Tuli on Irti! Fire! -exhibition at Logomo, Turku.

The animations are projected over a scale model of Turku in the notorious year 1827 when nearly all of the city burned down. The spreading of the fire is depicted with lights and smoke, with our animations illustrating the human perspective and details from the burning houses.

Elina and Ami here on the set with musician Pekka Tuppurainen (Ilma Records). Thanks to Pekka and the staff of Heureka, especially Jouko Koskinen and Jussi Kahlos, they were fun to work with.

photos: Pekka Tuppurainen

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