Sunday, June 22, 2008

Latest illustration

for audio theatre project Turku Audio Draamat by Elina.

Meanwhile, our friend Jenna has been playing with sand. This is sand is a fun project, a digital sandbox where you can make your own creations by throwing around tiny, colorful rgb-sand. Read more about it here and try it for yourself:

this is sand

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We graduated from Turku Arts Academy

.. as animation directors... and mysterious medianomes. Hooray!

Also, Ami won the award for best student film in Zagreb with her Irresistible smile, hooray Ami.

painting: Anna Törrönen

Today, while the rest of Tuhru are attending Napa picnic in Helsinki, I'm staying in with a flu. Roaming about I found out lovely painter-collage-maker Anna Törrönen has made a website. The site is not finished so in the mean time you can see some of her paintings here.

I am lucky to baby sit for three of her paintings over the summer, in August I will be taking them to Spain for the Finnish-Spanish Cheap Art Party we're (that's B) organizing together with Duduá-gallery of Barcelona.